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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get when I sign up for the email newsletter?

When you sign up for the email newsletter, you not only get timely updates and valuable fitness tips from Helen, but you also receive our popular Booty Program for free as a thank you for joining the community.

Why should I join the free Facebook group?

Our Facebook group is where our community comes together. It's a place to share your progress, ask questions, gain motivation, and draw strength from others who are on a similar journey. It's also where Helen shares additional tips and updates.

I am a beginner, is Helen's program suitable for me?

Absolutely! Helen's program caters to all fitness levels. Modifications and progressive challenges are part of the plan to ensure everyone from beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts can benefit.

How does the monthly subscription service work?

The monthly subscription service provides you with holistic fitness plans curated by Helen herself. Hosted on TrainHeroic, your $125/month subscription includes access to weekly workout guides, video demonstrations, and 1:1 support with Helen. Coming Soon!

Is there a trial period for the subscription services?

We currently do not offer a trial period for our subscription services. However, signing up for our email newsletter gives you a sneak peek into our approach and values, along with a free Booty Program.